Friday, September 24, 2010

Photos Term 2 2010- Learning How to Test Water and Identify Invertebrates

We are learning to identify macro-invertabrates

Learning the different sections of the macro-invertebrates 

This is the water clarity sheet

This is a picture of us meacuring the clarity when we were down at the stream

This is the flax (Harakeke) that some of us planted in Year 2

This is when Julia told us where to find the macro-invertebrates

 This is a picture of us down the stream next to the bank.

This is a picture of the tray where we find the macro-invertebrates

This is our gear for finding the macro-invertebrates and for measuring the stream.

Here we are taking measurements and finding macro-invertebrates down by the stream

This is the macro-invertebrates chart which we use to identify the creatures we find in the stream.

After we identify the macro-invertebrates that we have found, we organize them into their places in here according to the chart

We learned about water temperature. Macro-invertebrates need cool water to thrive.

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