Friday, September 24, 2010

Welcome to our blog

We are a group of Year 6 students at EPS. We have been  working together as a group since Term 2. In our Enrichment group we got to choose our own topic to investigate. We meet every Friday at our school for an hour and a half.

Our goal in term 2 was to study our stream and its inhabitants, record measurements and monitor the quality of the water. We went to Totara Park in term 2 so we could compare our stream to another that we thought that may have better quality water.  We were studiying invertibrates because we found out that they were a good indicator to tell how polluted or clean the water in the stream was.

As term 3 came around we realised that as part of our stream's health we had to expand our thoughts to the reserve surrouding the stream. A Manukau City Council Parks ranger offered us the amazing oppertunity to adopt a park. So we jumped at the chance!

Some areas beside the stream really shocked us. One of the first things we saw was...a porcelain toilet on the bank of our stream.  Ewwwww! Because of this we decided to make it our responsibility to clean up at least a little of the rubbish littered around our recycling bin.

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