Saturday, November 6, 2010

Clean up New Zealand week

This was us explaining to our jumping junior JS buddy what we have been doing in the Year 6 Enrichment group.  We were picking up regular rubbish for Clean Up NZ Week.

These cheerful children walked across the sturdy bridge with their trusty tutors. They looked at rubbish on the banks, the 280 trees that we planted and our beautiful stream. 

The flax hid lots of rubbish that we suspect blew from our school.

Here we are examining the acrid-scented rubbish we found in the area.

A Year 2 helper enthusiastically helping us!

Another marvellous future ECO agent...
 Up the alleyway we found rather a lot of rubbish of all sorts. But happily, not all of it was from EPS...
Down beside the walk-way we only found a little rubbish because we had already been active scouring the bush for rubbish...

This was all of us with our Junior buddies. It was a day of fabulous fun facts for friends on a fine Friday.

It was the last week of Term 3 when the Year 6 Enrichment Group collected the Year 2s and trundled our way down to our adopted stream. Are you wondering what on earth  we were planning on doing? Our purpose was to pick up at least some of the superfluous rubbish littering the area that we were responsible for. We were armed with our Manukau City Council approved gloves for hygiene.

Not all of the rubbish that we found was from our school, of course. We did find ripped pages of paper and lunch wrappers that we instantly recognised from our own school supplies, though!

We were dismayed to find about a dozen drinking cans scattered under trees and around bushes. I myself picked up one particular can: It was still half-full of liquid, which I suspect was beer. What a waste! None of these things were good for the environment. So many cans of beer would choke up our stream for sure.

On our way back we stumbled upon something very dangerous for both animals and children: there were shards of sharp and deadly glass poking at us from the grass. Thank goodness we were wearing gumboots and gloves to pick all that up...

The Year 2s returned to their classes after helping to gather all the rubbish. They washed their gloves and cleaned their muddy boots and then told their class exactly what they had discovered by the stream and what the Year 6 Enrichment Group have been busy doing since Term 2. 

Hopefully, we have inspired these young students to be looking out for our stream and our local environment.

( S.Z )

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